Monday, 1 May 2017

Top 6 Pet Cremation Facts You should Know

Pets are human's best friend and losing one is a big loss, particularly if they died of old age or sudden disease. The moment spent together is always treasured as it is with the human. This is why it is always good to give these friends a good send off after pass away. But how do you take care of their body? According to the set procedure, there are different ways that you can dispose of the body with cremation being the most recommended method. But if you have the right permits, you may be allowed to bury the pet on your own land.

There are many reasons why cremation is the most recommended method for disposing of your pets’ body. First, it is a low-cost option since you don’t need to pay for permits to have it done. You do not have to hire labor force to dig the grave and other costs that are associated with such burials. Second, it is very easy since it requires just a few things to have it done. But we must be alive to the fact that such funerals are very few and rare compared to humans. But how do you ensure that you have a perfect memorial? Here are some of the pet cremation facts that will help you plan a nice memorial if your pet pass away:

• You need storage options (Urns)
There different things that you will need for the pet cremation to be successful. You will need to purchase the pet urns, cremation jewelry, and other storage options. This depends on the budget that you have for the pet memorial. They can range from hardwoods and expensive metals to just simple boxes. If you will have the urn buried at a cemetery (pet), you might need an urn vault to hold the cremation urn. Most of these storage facilities might not be found in every shop in the town, and thus you need to do some research. Asking from the veterinarian and they will give an idea of where to get them. Some of the established veterinarians may be offering them. If not, go online and shop from the available online stores.

• Ask the Veterinarian for Information
It will be very difficult to get crucial of the information about pet cremation since it is not a common. Among the people that can help you with this are the veterinarians. Most have them have the connections and being that they work in this field, they know everything touching on pets. Some of them have crematories on the site they can be of great help to you in times like this. Make sure that you have contacted them in case you need help and mostly, the information about cremation. Sometimes, the veterinarian who treated the pet should the best one to call first. They understand the agony you are going through and they will be quick to help.

• You can Do it As A Group
In some instances, the cremation might be too expensive for one pet. This does not mean that you can do away with the cremation. You still have some other options that are less expensive and still give the same results at the end. If you want to save a few dollars, you can have the pet cremated with other animals. This will definitely save you a lot of money. Mostly, the crematory will advise their client to for a group cremation due to its numerous economic benefits. The practice is allowed; it is a legal and has been practiced for a long period.

• Memorial options
You have a broad choice of cremation memorials for your pet depending on the budget and also preference. You can choose from the burial in a pet cemetery which is the most common with many people. From this option, you can either go for the private or the communal burial service depending mostly on the budget that you have. The service and the pricing vary with the preference of the pet owners. Mausoleum burial is the second memorial option. With this option, the pet casket will be placed in a crypt. This option is mostly expensive compared to the rest and it may not be available in any other cemetery. It is also important to note that these services can also be offered as a group to cut on the cost.

• Caskets May Not be Necessary
Unlike in human where the use of the casket during cremation is a requirement, there is no law that asks the same for the pets. Though many people insist the pet to be in the casket during the cremation process, it is not a requirement. You can do without a casket, particularly if you have financial constraints. It is legal and there is no crematory that can force you to buy the caskets. Some of the crematories may be in the business of selling casket and put it as a requirement, it is important to note that it is not a legal requirement.

• Viewing services
If you would want to have a formal farewell to the pet, you can ask for a viewing service. Some of the established pet crematories offer viewing services. All you have to do is to ask them and it will be provided for. Most of them may allow for the family and their friends to come and view the cremation process as a way of giving a formal farewell.

These are some of the key pet crematory facts that you need to know. It is important to note that it is illegal to have your pet body’s disposed of anywhere. It can attract huge fines from the authorities that could be more than what a cremation would have cost you. Cremation is indisputably the best way to dispose of the pet’s body. It is less costly and it does cost you a lot of money to have it done. There are crematories out there but make sure that you have gone for the best one in terms of service and cost. If you have no idea of the ideal service provider, ask from the veterinary near you or search online.