Monday, 20 February 2017

Caring For Your Pets

Caring for a pet is much like caring for a child. You must safeguard your pet against his or her own curiosity and provide basic assistance in keeping your pet healthy. Here are are few steps to take to keep your friend happy and healthy:

Watch out for lead paint: Animals that scratch or chew at walls should be closely monitored and locked safely in a kennel when the owners are away.

Take a closer look: Examine your pets fur for signs of fleas or other parasites. Get your pet checked regularly. Check your pet's skin for any wounds caused by scratching.

Don't forget the shots: Keep up to date on your animal's shots and maintain an easily accessible record of those shots.

Keep the dangerous stuff up high: Even if you don't have kids, you should keep all of your cleaning supplies and bathroom chemicals safely out of reach of your pet. Some chemicals have been known to taste good to certain pets.

Take care of your pet's teeth: The good health of your dog or cats teeth is necessary for a healthy diet. Since pet dentists don't exist, do what you can to maintain your dog or cats tooth health. There are several toys and treats on the market that promise to make this task easier.

Regular bathing: You should come up with a schedule to keep your pet regularly bathed. This is especially true of outside pets and pets who have a habit of getting dirty.

Pets are a part of our families. But what do you do with them when you go out of town and can't take them with you? The old option was to drive them to a boarding facility. This takes time, energy and costs a lot of money. Not to mention that you can only pick your pets up during business hours!

Today, there are better options to boarding!

Professional pet sitting offers an affordable, safe in-home alternative! Pets are less stressed and happier when they get to stay home. The comfort, security and smells of their own surroundings ease the stress of owner absence.

Pets also enjoy the one of one TLC that a pet sitter provides. Each visit is personalized to your pets needs. Their daily routine and exercise schedules stays the same providing the consistency that pets thrive on!

Cats especially do well when they stay at home as they easily become stressed when transported in a carrier in the car.

Pet sitters can work with any budget. Owners get to pick how many times a day they want their pets visited, and for how long.

Journals are left by the pet sitters to tell owners about what happened during the visits, which includes how well the pets ate, funny stories, any abnormal behaviors, etc. They also can text/picture message or call owners with updates about their pets.

Pet sitters also provide security for your home. Instead of a dark empty house that is an easy target, your home is lived in. The trash bins are taken to the curb, mail and newspapers are brought in, lights and blinds rotated! No one will know you are away!

With a professional pet sitter you will have confidence in your pet sitter and know that your home and pets are being taken care of by the best!

Liability insurance and bonding policies let you know that you are dealing with a reliable, responsible business professional who cares about your home and your property as well as your pet.

Animals usually require exercise. The degree of exercise will vary depending on the sort of animal you have. For example, a cat simply needs to be let outside for a little while with a bell to scare of the birds. A dog will need a long walk every day. A mouse will need to run around its little wheel. A horse can be lunged or ridden to keep its fitness levels up. Make sure you understand the exercise requirements of the animal that you buy. It really is cruel to buy a pet and not exercise it properly, so if you don't like long walks, get a cat instead of a dog.

Living Arrangements
Before you bring your new animal home, you will need to think about the type of living arrangements that you will need to supply. Most animals need warmth and a dry area to sleep. You may need a specialised cage if you are buying a rabbit. If you have dog or cat, you can buy a woven basket with nice soft bedding for sleeping. Of course, horses will need a stable and a suitable sized paddock.

Vet Checks
Vet bills can be expensive, so think about taking out pet insurance if you buy a new animal. Most pets will need immunisations and semi-regular vet check ups to monitor health and happiness and head off any emerging health problems early.

When you buy your pet, you will want to purchase suitable grooming equipment to ensure that you keep your animal clean and happy. Select a pet who fits in with your lifestyle and think about grooming before you buy an animal, rather than after.

By following these basics, you can ensure that your pet is well cared for, happy and healthy. Make sure that you have an understanding of the actual time commitment involved in raising and caring for an animal before you decide to go ahead and bring one into your life. Provided that you look after your pet properly, you are sure that experience years of pleasant companionship and joy.

As you can see from the list above, there are plenty of steps the pet owner can take to care for his or her pet. This list is not meant to be all inclusive. Common sense and a little effort are all that is really needed to keep a pet healthy. Pay attention for any signs or symptoms of sickness and care for your pet as if you were caring for a small child. Since pets can't communicate with us and let us know what is wrong with them or that they are uncomfortable, the responsibility lies with the owner to take preventative pet health measures.