Saturday, 8 October 2016

Exercise Ideas For Your Older Dogs

When we get a new dog, be it a puppy or an older one, we will need to train it in different areas. We will want some obedience training, so our pet learns to listen to us and can be controlled by our voice. We will definitely want to potty train our dogs to use a designated area to go about his business. But aside from this, there are scores of top dog training methods for all kinds of purposes like protection, hunting, leash training, etc. Below are some of the effective exercise ideas for senior dog you should try:

Adopt positive training techniques
The best way to get started training an older dog is to follow the advice of the best professional dog trainers, and use a step by step program that takes you from basic obedience training exercises right through more advanced training. This takes all the guesswork out of how to train your older dog, and also will enable you to avoid making the same mistakes everyone always makes when trying to train their dog without a good system in place. All the best professional trainers emphasize using positive training techniques. Using positive reinforcement, you will give praise and rewards to your dog for correct behaviors, and teach him how you want him to behave. You will also learn how to communicate with your dog in a way that dogs understand. Knowing how to use your voice and your body language has a lot to do with training your dog effectively.

Incorporate games for motivation and fun
To keep yourself, and your pet, motivated, make exercise fun. Incorporate some games such as chasing a ball or Frisbee. Remember this is an exercise for you as well, so move around, don't just stand there throwing the ball for Fido. If you have an elderly pet, or you are not up to such rigorous exercise, try swimming. It's great for the joints and improves your fitness level. And what better way to cool down in summer, than a dip with your dog?

Choose an ideal exercise routine
Exercise is beneficial for you and it's good for your pet. You do need to find out what works best for your pet. Dogs make the best exercise partners - include them in your New Year's resolution. Take them for a walk. They make the best exercise partner, because once you get them on a schedule, and they know what's going on, they'll wake you up at 5 o'clock in the morning if that's when you're going for your walk. They'll put the leash in their mouth. They're always happy to see you. They're ready to go.

But when choosing the exercise, you want to make sure you choose one that's appropriate for the pet, whether it's walking, agility, playing. You need toys for cats, but as your pets get older, you want to make sure that it's appropriate for the pet.

Treadmill for indoor exercises
The uses and benefits of using a treadmill for dogs to provide or supplement their daily exercise are becoming fairly well known. Dog treadmills are a great solution for dogs and their parents that don't have an abundance of space and time or don't live in an ideal environment for a rigorous outdoor romp. Since a canine treadmill is an electric-powered machine and the dog is not in control of the pace or other settings, you must always supervise your dog when he's using it. Because of the noise (just a hum) and the slight vibration associated with an electric machine, it takes some dogs time and training to get comfortable using the machine. Enter the dog treadwheel.

Agility Training
An excellent way to get directly involved in your dog's education and have a blast doing it is agility training. The majority of dogs really enjoy this top dog training method, with maybe the exception of very large and heavy breeds. This type of training reinforces discipline since the dog has to learn quite a lot of discipline to be able to do the different exercises.

In an agility course, the dogs go through an obstacle course within a certain time frame. There could be exercises like climbing walls, crawling through tunnels, jumping over a small fence and many more. You would stay with your puppy at all times but will help it only with the appropriate commands and some leash guidance in the beginning.

This top dog training method builds a real bond between you and your pet by your teamwork. Your pet will learn to listen to you and get a good amount of exercise too. Many dog training schools now use this method because of its popularity. If you can't find a training school in your area, check the Internet to see what appropriate items you can use to set up and obstacle course in your own backyard.


The whole family needs to learn to be consistent with the training, to avoid any conflicting and confusing training. With the right training methods, your older dog will quickly learn new tricks to fit in your family well. Regular exercises for the senior dogs has many benefits. Exercise can also relieve boredom in dogs. Don't leave your dog shut in the backyard all day without giving him a nice long walk at some point in his day. This can help curb behaviors such as barking, digging and chewing.

As more and more owners include their pets in daily activities, people are gearing up for a new level of fitness. With the rise in pet obesity rates, this is an important trend that will mean happier, healthier and better behaved pets.