Wednesday, 16 November 2016

8 Tips On Keeping Your Puppy Safe At Home

If you are taking care of a new puppy that has just been born and is still with the mother you need to have an environment where you can have the puppies where you can easily control the temperature, and you have to be sure that the puppies are warm. You also should provide a place that is safe for them so that they don't get hurt by accident. You will also need to make sure that the mother is comfortable with fresh drinking water at all times. Taking care of a new puppy at this stage must be carefully monitored to ensure that the mother does not accidentally trample on or suffocate her new puppies. 

Here are tips to get you started.

· One of the best general puppy care tips in taking care of your new puppy is that you need to remember to socialize your puppy. No matter what kind of puppy you have, you will see that it is important you socialize them all of the time. Your puppy will be fine around anything you want, as long as you expose them to these things when they are young. This means that you have to let them be around children and babies and other animals to make sure that they are socialized but only when they reach about eight weeks old.

· Make her a comfortable place for her to sleep. 

· Watch out for potentially hazardous situations throughout your home where she is allowed to go. Puppies are adventurous. They want to check things out. They instinctively test things they don't understand.

· Put all wiring, chemicals, cleaning fluids and the like out of her way. Thoroughly inspect the yard to make sure there are no holes and broken fence parts where she can escape. Get rid of all plants in and around your home that present a danger to dogs. You'll have to ask your vet or dog expert for a list of what those plants are. One is poinsettias, but there are others that seem innocent but are not.

· Take time to visit the vet regularly. As a puppy, she will need vaccinations against major diseases like rabies and distemper. Ask your vet what she needs and when. She must remain isolated from other animals until she has completed her series of shots. As well as keeping her vaccinations up to date, the vet can check your puppy to make sure there are no developmental problems as she grows into an adult.

· Our puppy will need puppy formula. Her body needs more nutrients than she will get from adult dog food. This is crucial. If she does not get the right food, she can have growth problems, such as deformed joints, and other health issues that can affect her entire future. Speak to your vet to find out what he would suggest you feed your puppy at different stages of development.

Always use the right tools, gear, and products for your puppy. For example, a rope collar is no 

· Guarantee that she can't be harmed. Choose a proper collar from your local pet store, one that fits properly without choking or slipping off. You will need to upgrade the collar as she grows and becomes stronger. Keep her bed in a warm location, free of drafts. Prolonged exposure to cold can leave her with arthritis as an adult.

Using Crates

· Crates have become a popular tool in puppy house training today for a number of good reasons. Dogs will generally refuse to go to the bathroom in the area where they sleep, so keeping your pup in a crate for a short period of time will teach him how to hold his urges until he is removed from the confinement. When you take your dog out of the crate, you can take him directly outdoors to do his business. Once he does, you can offer the positive reinforcement that will encourage him to use the backyard the next time around. 

Using a crate for puppy house training will also provide a safe, comfortable place for your pet to sleep when you are not available to keep an eye on him. This is particularly useful for times when you will be asleep or away from home. 

When you leave your pups unattended to their own devices can often become destructive. Having a crate will offer an atmosphere where he is unlikely to become injured or get into trouble. When it is your pups first time to use the crate, ensure that he stays in the crate for a short time, and just gradually extend his time in the crate as it gets more relaxed with its environment. Remember not to leave your dog in a crate for longer than 6 hours or 8 hours the most.

Cleaning the Messes

· Remember to ignore the mess that your dog makes in the house and just put your pups nose in it or reprimand him. Show him the proper place to potty outside and only clean the mess up when your dog is not around to watch.

Most importantly, eliminate the smell completely while puppy house training. If you dont, tendency is the dog will go back to the scent and potty again at that same spot. You will be able to find good commercial cleaners in stores today which can efficiently clean up such messes.

· Puppy house safety training is a procedure that will require a lot of patience and time but will surely be possible. With the help of the crate and a lot of consistency, it is a sure win that your dog will be potty trained in no time. Puppy house training is your first step in making sure that your dog will be pleasurable to your family.
We've only had time to cover tips on how to take care of a puppy, but there is so much more to know. You will soon discover that your learning will be an ongoing process, especially in her puppy years. What you do now can have a significant impact on your puppy's life.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Exercise Ideas For Your Older Dogs

When we get a new dog, be it a puppy or an older one, we will need to train it in different areas. We will want some obedience training, so our pet learns to listen to us and can be controlled by our voice. We will definitely want to potty train our dogs to use a designated area to go about his business. But aside from this, there are scores of top dog training methods for all kinds of purposes like protection, hunting, leash training, etc. Below are some of the effective exercise ideas for senior dog you should try:

Adopt positive training techniques
The best way to get started training an older dog is to follow the advice of the best professional dog trainers, and use a step by step program that takes you from basic obedience training exercises right through more advanced training. This takes all the guesswork out of how to train your older dog, and also will enable you to avoid making the same mistakes everyone always makes when trying to train their dog without a good system in place. All the best professional trainers emphasize using positive training techniques. Using positive reinforcement, you will give praise and rewards to your dog for correct behaviors, and teach him how you want him to behave. You will also learn how to communicate with your dog in a way that dogs understand. Knowing how to use your voice and your body language has a lot to do with training your dog effectively.

Incorporate games for motivation and fun
To keep yourself, and your pet, motivated, make exercise fun. Incorporate some games such as chasing a ball or Frisbee. Remember this is an exercise for you as well, so move around, don't just stand there throwing the ball for Fido. If you have an elderly pet, or you are not up to such rigorous exercise, try swimming. It's great for the joints and improves your fitness level. And what better way to cool down in summer, than a dip with your dog?

Choose an ideal exercise routine
Exercise is beneficial for you and it's good for your pet. You do need to find out what works best for your pet. Dogs make the best exercise partners - include them in your New Year's resolution. Take them for a walk. They make the best exercise partner, because once you get them on a schedule, and they know what's going on, they'll wake you up at 5 o'clock in the morning if that's when you're going for your walk. They'll put the leash in their mouth. They're always happy to see you. They're ready to go.

But when choosing the exercise, you want to make sure you choose one that's appropriate for the pet, whether it's walking, agility, playing. You need toys for cats, but as your pets get older, you want to make sure that it's appropriate for the pet.

Treadmill for indoor exercises
The uses and benefits of using a treadmill for dogs to provide or supplement their daily exercise are becoming fairly well known. Dog treadmills are a great solution for dogs and their parents that don't have an abundance of space and time or don't live in an ideal environment for a rigorous outdoor romp. Since a canine treadmill is an electric-powered machine and the dog is not in control of the pace or other settings, you must always supervise your dog when he's using it. Because of the noise (just a hum) and the slight vibration associated with an electric machine, it takes some dogs time and training to get comfortable using the machine. Enter the dog treadwheel.

Agility Training
An excellent way to get directly involved in your dog's education and have a blast doing it is agility training. The majority of dogs really enjoy this top dog training method, with maybe the exception of very large and heavy breeds. This type of training reinforces discipline since the dog has to learn quite a lot of discipline to be able to do the different exercises.

In an agility course, the dogs go through an obstacle course within a certain time frame. There could be exercises like climbing walls, crawling through tunnels, jumping over a small fence and many more. You would stay with your puppy at all times but will help it only with the appropriate commands and some leash guidance in the beginning.

This top dog training method builds a real bond between you and your pet by your teamwork. Your pet will learn to listen to you and get a good amount of exercise too. Many dog training schools now use this method because of its popularity. If you can't find a training school in your area, check the Internet to see what appropriate items you can use to set up and obstacle course in your own backyard.


The whole family needs to learn to be consistent with the training, to avoid any conflicting and confusing training. With the right training methods, your older dog will quickly learn new tricks to fit in your family well. Regular exercises for the senior dogs has many benefits. Exercise can also relieve boredom in dogs. Don't leave your dog shut in the backyard all day without giving him a nice long walk at some point in his day. This can help curb behaviors such as barking, digging and chewing.

As more and more owners include their pets in daily activities, people are gearing up for a new level of fitness. With the rise in pet obesity rates, this is an important trend that will mean happier, healthier and better behaved pets.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

7 Ways To Deal with The Loss Of Your Pet

Choosing to get a pet is one of the best things you could ever do in life. Doing so will bring you joy, happiness, and comfort every day of your life. Unfortunately, pets do not live forever even though your memories of them will. They will die one day perhaps out of sickness, old age, or injury. You can only hope that they do not suffer as they do. You can also be with them during their final moments if possible. It is important to note that getting over the death of a pet is not easy. In some cases, doing so seems impossible. You can overcome this grief and sorrow by following a few simple tips. These tips helped other pet owners to get over the loss of their pet and they can help you as well. 

1. Develop a Routine and Maintain It
A regular schedule is important during your time of hardship. You should not spend your time thinking about your dead pet instead of trying to regain a semblance of normal life. You should do your household chores as you normally did when your pet was still alive. You should go to school or work without being late or missing anything important. You should also cook and eat as though nothing happened. Maintaining this kind of routine is important because it helps you to keep your mind off your dead pet. Instead, you will be thinking about what you need to do today and on the following day. Soon, you will realize that you have overcome your loss by simply focusing on something else. Remember, the world never stops and neither should you.

2. Saying Goodbye is Important
Humans have a craving for closure after an intense emotional experience. You may be experiencing the same thing after the death of your pet especially when you were not there when it died. Saying goodbye can help you find closure to this chapter in your life. Doing so helps you to recognize your feelings, appreciate them, and then let them do. Saying goodbye is also important for the rest of your family members who felt saddened by the tragedy that befell your pet. The best way of saying goodbye is through a small farewell ceremony in your compound or at the pet crematorium. Those who feel they should speak at this ceremony should do so and they will find peace.

3. Comforting Each Other Is Critical
Grief is a deeply personal experience that touches your heart and soul. It is also a shared experience recognized and felt by others. You should identify anyone who grieves with you and your family. Take some time and talk about what you are going through during this trying time. Share stories of your experiences with you dead pet and the joys it brought to your lives. Speak to each other about the importance of moving on, as life is a continuous and never-ending process. Children are especially in need of your help and guidance at this time. By helping them overcome their grief, you will also overcome yours. Remember, strength comes from helping others so make sure you comfort those affected by the tragic loss of your pet.

4. Memories Will Help You Cope
Sometimes, people lose some of the best things in your life e.g. their homes, loved ones, or careers. Coping with such loss can be devastating, but doing so will not destroy you. All you have to do is to cling on to the good times and everything will be okay. It will be as if nothing ever changed. The same goes for losing a pet. The memories of the good times will keep you going for a long time. These memories exist in your head as well as in photos and videos of your pet. Always preserve these photos so that you can show them to your children or grandchildren. The thought of sharing such moments of happiness with others is what helps people to forget their sorrows.

5. Take Care of Your Current Pets
Pet lovers normally have more than one pet even if they are not of the same species. For example, you might have a dog and a cat, a turtle and a goldfish, or a hamster and a parrot. You should not neglect one pet because another one died. Instead, you should look after it so that it does not die. More importantly, you should look after your surviving pet so that it takes your mind off your dead pet. The time you spend with it will remind you of the joy that comes with having a pet. You will also cherish it more than you ever did because you do not want to lose it.

6. Support Groups Are a Great Idea
You or your child may have questions about your pet’s death. For instance, how did it die and why? How can you prevent similar deaths in your current pets or in new ones? These questions may require the help of experts because of their intricate nature. Many people may have undergone what you went through so it is important to seek them. You can do that by finding a support group for people who have lost pets. This group will give you all the answers you need. It will also help you to deal with any stress or trauma you may be experiencing. More importantly, the people in a support group understand your loss more than any other person does. That means you can be free and open-minded when talking to them.

7. Get a New Pet
You may have one pet only in your home and as such, you will have none if that one dies. Coping with such circumstances is difficult because you will feel as though there is a vacuum in your home. You can eliminate this vacuum by simply getting another pet. You can get a pet that is similar to the one that died or you can go for a different species. This new pet will breathe a ray of sunshine into your life. You will feel as though little or nothing at all changed.

Friday, 22 July 2016

8 Food You Should Never Make Your Dog Eat

The health of your dog is something so much related with that. There are chances for you to get that in finest way. There are best ways for you to get finest way to get what you need. There are finest things related with that. There are chances for getting that in finest better way. It is necessary to ensure that the dog is not eating anything wrong else it can have so many issues with the digestive system and also such things. Here are the few food items you should avoid for your dog.

Onions & Garlic

It is not good for you to make your dog have garlic as well as onions.These are the items which can damage the RBC of your dog. If you re feeding dog with these items continuously then it can lead to total hazard for your dog. It is necessary for you to ensure that you do not include these items in the food of the dogs for making them go through the bad time. If they are regularly consuming it then they can go through hemolytic anemia. It is best suitable for you to get what you need for that.

Chocolate may contain theobromine as well as caffeine so that chemicals may affect heart and nervous system of the dogs. As the dogs are unable to metabolize the theobromine the chemical builds up the system. Any kind of chocolate with choc chip, cocoa powder as well as solid crumbs related with that. It can be highly dangerous for the dogs resulting the dogs and also vomiting, seizures, restlessness, diarrhea, irregular heartbeat or even the death. Dark chocolate can be most potential for the dogs as it is higher concentration of theobromine as well as caffeine. It is best suitable for avoiding chocolate.

Some Bones

Bones are always linked with dogs but there are few bones which may not be suitable for the dogs. Brittle and small bones that of chicken and fish can be broken to sharp pieces when it is chewed on by the dog. Cooked bones may need same thing may choke or puncture the digestive tract can be fine for you. Spotting a bone, sticking to the raw bone of the right size always something you need to give importance. If you are feeding your dig with huge bones then it can really create problems to your dog in a very bad manner. It is good for you to choose smaller bones which are suitable for your dog.

Grapes and Raisins

It is good for you to ensure so that things related with that. There are chances for you to get the best kind of the food for you. Raisins and grapes have a toxin in it which can damage the dog kidneys which can make the do vomit too much or have bad diarrhea. It can even go to such an extent that the kidney of the dog can fail completely. It is the best for you to get best things related to that.

Raw Eggs

If there are so many dog owners swearing the eggs are great with the dog’s coat as the egg yolks may contain biotin. A group B can be vitamin there are responsible for growth of the hair. This is true that the raw egg whites have avidin that is depletes biotin. Excessive egg consumption and can lead to the problems of hair and skin. There are chances for you to get the risk of the raw egg which has got salmonella and other kinds of harmful bacteria. There are chances for this to be something that can be finest way to get the best kind of the eggs.


If you are spilling the coffee, soft drink and tea on floor. It is good for you to wipe that before you can get the dog cleans. It is possible for you to get the best way to keep the dog safe by avoiding well so that there are chances for better kind of the issues. It is possible for you to get that in finest things related with that. There are chances for you to get so that are chances for better way. You can get rid of the kind of chances so that there are chances to get that.

Fatty & Oily Food

It is good for you to avoid much oily and fatty food items for your dogs. Some of the greasy food and dairy products may not be really so good for the dogs. There are chances for too much of the fatty as well as oily food to create issues so many things really with the pancreatitis, symptoms of when you include vomiting, abdominal pain.

Macadamia Nuts and Walnuts

It is good for you to find the best dog so that there are chances for you get that things can be best way possible. It is good for you get the finest way things chances in the best for you to getting things. There are chances for including symptoms so that things are things. Walnuts have so much of fungus that is poisonous to the dogs which have lead for death in severe the case. There are chances for things that can be finest way to the things can really in finest things related with that.

Fruits Pits or the Seeds

Aside the possibility with dogs and choking so that there are chewing on the fruit pips so that you may contain so that there are deadly and highly toxins and with poison in the cyanide. It is the best kind of the stuff that is going to help for you.

Sugary Food

Sugary food items are also not something good that you can get the best kind of such things related with the finest. Try to always get rid of the things related with that. There are chances for you things related with that. It is good for you to even avoid any such things related with the finest both.